Why do I need a wedding planner?

A wedding planner will help you make the most of your time and budget, while reducing your stress. We will be your friend, advisor, advocate and shoulder to cry on, coordinator, financial planner, mediator and even referee! In short, by taking on the details and guiding you through the planning, we will make sure you actually enjoy the entire wedding planning process and wedding weekend!

After all, it's your wedding, shouldn't you enjoy it?

My reception venue has a coordinator, isn't that enough?

A reception site coordinator works for the reception site.  Although they want your reception to be wonderful, their loyalty is to their employer in the end. They won’t assist in your vendor search and attend meetings with you, they won’t be at the church with you on your wedding day, they won’t work to settle any disputes you may have with other vendors. An independent wedding consultant is your advocate and we work only for you – we manage the wedding as a whole, not just one part.

Now all that having been said - a fantastic on site coordinator is one reason I specifically recommend certain sites to my couples and a not-so-fantastic on site coordinator is why I don't recommend others! They are a vital part of your wedding team just like your photographer or florist - they simply serve a different purpose than an independent wedding consultant.

Does a wedding planner take over the wedding?

Simply put, no. A wedding planner takes your ideas, dreams and vision for your wedding day and helps you create the exact day that you envision. We will then work with your vendors to make sure that everything is exactly as you hoped and that your day goes smoothly behind the scenes so you can enjoy yourself. You are always in charge and you will always have the final say in the details – in the end this is your wedding, we're just here to help!

Do you accept a commission or a referral fee from vendors?

Nope. We don't ask for or accept kickbacks, commissions, referral fees or booking fees of any kind from vendors. Rest assured that any vendor referral we give you is based on our belief that they are a good fit for you, your style and your budget – not our bottom line! If any kind of commission is offered, it is passed along to our clients.

Also, we never offer any kickbacks for recommendations - if a vendor or venue recommends us, it isn't because we paid them. We take great pride in the fact our recommendations have been earned...not bought!

How much do you charge?

We charge a flat fee based on the complexity of your event and the extent to which we are involved. We would be happy to provide you with the base price of our services (pop over to our 'services' page for that info), however that figure is only the base price and may change. We will be able to give you a complete quote detailing our services and fees once we have discussed the unique details that will make your event personal and special. For just a little help, we also offer an hourly rate.

Are all the pictures on your site from your weddings?

Yes!  Every single picture on our site is from a wedding that we planned and/or coordinated. There are no stock photos on the site at all - we can tell you the story behind every photo and each couple and can most likely put you in touch with them!  

A bit of a caveat here - unfortunately, with Pinterest and Instagram, we've seen some so-called planners use pretty pictures from weddings and events they had absolutely nothing to do with on their websites simply because the pictures are pretty.  They're mis-representing themselves and their services which isn't cool and really isn't fair to couples looking for a good vendor.  Trust your gut and if something doesn't look right (an ocean backdrop in Columbus, Ohio? Really?) or seem familiar, ask questions - where was this wedding? Tell me about the couple.  A good planner will have no issue answering the questions and telling you about their work. If all else fails, reverse image search on Google doesn't lie.

What religions and cultures do you have experience with?

Our past couples have come from many different cultural and religious backgrounds. We've done weddings for many different religious faiths including various Christian denominations, Judaism and Hinduism. We are also experienced with interfaith weddings as well as wholly secular weddings. Some of our weddings have included traditions from Germany, Russia, The Ukraine, India, Poland, Ireland and China to name just a few. 

We LOVE learning about new and different wedding traditions so if we haven't had experience with your particular traditions in the past, rest assured we will be experts by the wedding day!